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Warranty policy

During use if you experience any problems are found, you can contact directly with DENXINH in here

1. Free Warranty

- Indies of products shall be understood as overcoming failures, technical problems occurred due to the fault of the Manufacturer.

- Production Free warranty if that product remaining warranty period is counted from the date of delivery.

- When Warranty Warranty stated on the voucher and the provisions of each maker for all technical incidents.

- There Tem warranty and warranty on the product maker.

- Production Will comply with the warranty warranty regulations of each maker for technical trouble.

- Transportation expenses when the warranty: Please pay shipping charges to the shipper's address DENXINH. DENXINH will pay dimensional sent to you after the warranty.


2. Repair charge / disclaimer of warranty

- The Product is not possible to identify the origin purchased at DENXINH, DENXINH may reject the warranty.

- Products Has expired recorded on the warranty card or loss of warranty.

- Warranty coupon, torn stamps warranty, no warranty Stamps, Stamps warranty or modified goats.

- Warranty bill does not specify Serial number and date of purchase.

- Serial number on the product and the warranty does not match up, or can not be identified for any reason.

- Products Damaged by mechanical action drops, breaks, bumps, scratches, denting distortion, damp, rusty, flowing water or fire, natural disasters caused.

- Products Show signs of damage caused by rodents or insects from entering.

- Products Were arbitrarily removed or repaired by individuals or technicians not authorized by DENXINH.


3. Contact, questions and complaints about warranty issues

If you are not satisfied or have any questions about your complaint warranty issues, please please contact:

Tax Code: 0302757501
Address: 243/2/23 Chu Van An Street, Ward 12, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Number Tel: 028.38337989               Fax: 028.38395805             Email:

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