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Electric safety standard


Safety electric plugs

- Ensure Dry

- Kinetics effects plug, unplug must explicitly ensure that no sparks generated when plugging or withdraw.

- Don't Use cracked or broken plugs.

- Don't Use more electrical devices can share the same high power socket.

- Check Regularly in order to detect damage in time to replace.

Safety standard of electrical cord for home appliance

- Determine power consumption

- Permanence total capacity power consumption devices

- Option Suitable conductor

Electrical standards and approved codes of practice

IEC 364 standards by health professionals and technicians in the world countries developed through the comparison of actual experience in the international scope. Currently the safety principles of IEC 364 (Electric Network of buildings) and 479-1 (Effect of electric current on human and animal) is the foundation of most of the world standards.


Light source standard

- Meeting the lighting conditions in the living and working. No phenomenon in low light, flashing light, without causing glare.

- Meets on power density, efficient energy use.

- Selecting a color temperature suitable light: 2700K (light yellow), 5500 K (of light yellow), 6500K (white light).

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