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Tips for a great lamp choice



Guide for lampshade selection

Choose lampshade matching color in a room shared.

Conform with the need to use (should choose darker if you want to be the center of the room, ..).

Creative Use lampshades in the new space (bathrooms, basements, ..).

Conform with the interior space.

Ensure Safe to use after installation lampshade (size of installation where appropriate).

Choose Coincide lampshades and matching lamps.


How to choose a pendant and ceiling for each room

Each space has each own meaning and experiment of usage, do do its lamps

- Core up to: choose a chandelier to add luxury to the space.

Living room : more variety in choosing (chandelier - creating enough light and create focal points; moreover can choose neon lights, table lights, tree lights, ... makes more flexible lighting space active).

Chamber kitchen: besides the installation of lights from above to install additional note for the stove or sink - use LED or light ceiling to save space spotligh neat but still sure the brightness and beauty.

Bedroom: a place to relax, rest should choose warm lighting - should choose table lamps with soft lighting or consider further the use of trees and lamp light suit and space area room.

Bathroom : use small lamp hanging above or beside the mirror may be arranged soi.Ngoai add chandeliers, LED to increase brightness and feels clean room.

Measure the energy efficiency for lighting

Besides the use of energy saving light bulbs also need lighting design ensures 2 requirements:

- Use Common light source from above, the overall lighting the entire room.

Use A specific light source for each separate area as reception desk, kitchen,, dining table, desk and reading area, bedroom, ...

Select a right reading lamp

The selection criteria are lamps help serve the needs of learning, work effectively and are not harmful to the eyes

- Bright luster standards, there are many levels of illumination (3 levels: 5W - 7.25W - 9W)

Bright luster close to natural light (select lamps have a CRI - Reimbursement high color index)

Not Flashing

Reduced Glare and limited direct light shines directly into the eye

Ability To adjust the angle and lighting create broad surface

Modern Light color matching demand for each individual (white helps refresh, refreshing - the yellow helps warm, close)

Standard On LED

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